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Solutions Visual Warehouse Deployment Services

"Solutions" is a group of Consultants, engaged in consulting and deployment of Operational Excellence in Manufacturing as well as Service Processes. Since last 13 years "Solutions" has served over 100 clients, pan India, in over 50 defferent manufacturing and service industry segments. Expert team of "Solutions" has assisted various Industries in Productivity, Quality improvements, Inventory management, Space optimization, Process balancing, Production Planning, Standardization and simplification of Marketing, Finance and Human Resource practices.

Expert team of "Solutions" use all Operational Excellence tools like, Theory of Constraints (ToC), Lean, Six Sigma, World class Manufacturing, QMS, TPM. CAD 2D, 3D layout, Process flow animation, etc. "Solutions" uses self developed tools like, DoE, EESS ( Effective Equipment Servicing Solution ), SMS ( Simplified Marketing Solution ), etc.


We know that the "Lean" concepts came from "Toyoto Production System (TPS)" .Hence believe that they are meant for Manufacturing business only. In earlier days, people believed that its only for Automobile business. Since last few years, "Lean" has shown great effect not only in other manufacturing areas but also in service industry. The concept do not have any specific technological base but its mainly Logical thinking and Common Sence.

"Lean" talks only about 3M - Muda | Mura |Muri and offer conceptual ideas (known as Lean Tool set) to reduce or remove them. Muda- Operational Non Value Adding steps, Mura - is Unevenness in any Process and Muri- is Overburden on any Resource. Nothing else. If we start observing any function in Business, we may observe these 3Ms in any Process. Taking the roots of Lean Manufacturing Solutions has designed and developed its very own toolsin various sectors of Enterprise. Solutions Stores Management Systems being one of them.

Stores is an integral part of any organisation and should function as a bank. Unfortunately, this is the most disorganised area in any industry.

Industry may be in any sector, issues related to stores are more or less same everywhere. Stock Variance, loss of items, double buying, high searching time, less space, thefts, deterioration etc.

sms will deliver and help you design compleytely Visual & Count free stores with 100% accountability.

sms is an important part of any lean deployment Journey. In the fuctioning of stores there are various aspects - incoming material, Inward Quality, Issuance of material (physically & in system) and maintaining the stocks. Stores should funtion like bank - Money is deposited, issued and passbook is always tallyed

sms Solutions Stores Management System is a specialized tool designed by 'Solutions' to help designing 100% Visual & COunt free stores. Its not only a Theorotical Methodology but a deployment tool.

sms is divided into 5 step process, will see in continuation.

Generally the in any stores, material is arranged wherever place is found & then it becomes tedious to find the correct material & organisation becomes 100% dependant on Stores Incharge. In his absence it is difficult to find any part. With sms deployed, this dependancy is removed and stores can be easily managed with deskilled operators

Parts & Steps
Important for Design and Deployment of stores
  • Optimized Inventory
  • Nullified Stock Variances
  • Daily Physical Stock taking with half n hr
  • Visual Controls
  • Easy Reconcillations
  • Imporved Inventory Turn Ratio
Part I
  • Identifying old, non moving stock, taking decisions on same.
  • Data Collection - List of all the parts in the stores along with the consumption patterns over past 2 years are analysed
  • Current State Stores layouting - to the scale drawing the existing racks and storage places
  • Based upon consumption patterns and supplier lead times, ReOrder Level and ReOrder Quantities are finalised
  • Racks are designed - using same or with few modifications to have location for each part no. accomodating the ROQ quantities
Part II
  • Stores Layout is mapped on paper to have a look of stores, after it is being completed
  • Deploy the new stores designed with concept of ReOrder Levels & ReOrder Quantities
  • Developing ideas, thought process fro making the stores Count free
Part III
  • Deploying the ideas and converting it to count free.
  • Designing of Control checklist, Audit sheet, Visualisation

At the end Before After photos are compiled & document is submitted. Testimony of the owner is collected in wirtten and video form

  • Involvement and Support of Top Management throughout
  • Data asked should be correctly provided within time frame
  • Stores team will be functional for all the sessions
  • Stores team has to give 100% time duirng visits of Solutions team
  • Following time line is most important
These may differ based upon products and services
  • Study of Current Products, Processes and People
  • Value Stream Mapping (VSM)
  • Identification of Bottleneck
  • Finalizing Improvement Parameters
  • Time and Motion Study
  • Identification of improvement areas and creation of action plan
  • Solving practical difficulties faced during implementation
  • Controlling and Monitoring the new systems deployed
  • Mapping results
  • Certification and Celebration

The methodology also changes as per the product and processes and is not same for all clients

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