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Reduction of Rework and Rejection with Six Sigma Approach

"Solutions" is a group of Consultants, engaged in consulting and deployment of Operational Excellence in Manufacturing as well as Service Processes. Since last 13 years "Solutions" has served over 100 clients, pan India, in over 50 defferent manufacturing and service industry segments. Expert team of "Solutions" has assisted various Industries in Productivity, Quality improvements, Inventory management, Space optimization, Process balancing, Production Planning, Standardization and simplification of Marketing, Finance and Human Resource practices.

Expert team of "Solutions" use all Operational Excellence tools like, Theory of Constraints (ToC), Lean, Six Sigma, Worldclass Manufacturing, QMS, TPM. CAD 2D, 3D layout, Process flow animation, etc. "Solutions" uses self developed tools like, DoE, EESS (Effective Equipment Servicing Solution), SMS (Simplified Marketing Solution), etc.

First Time Right; is only Right, Rest is Rejection..!!

Rework and Rejection is most dreadful word heard in any factory.It is a cause of worry for everyone in factory from Managing Director to operator. It has to be controlled in time.

Rejections are salvaged many a times; but for ceratin rpoducts, processes rework is not possible and is direct scrap. Though Salvaged, it is always an added cost. Six Sigma Methodology is excat way for same.


Today’s manufacturing and business environments are reaching a point that competition for survival and market share is an obligation.Tracking the global economy will show that being good is not enough, therefore each organization really strive for excellence if want to stay in the market.Every single organization is looking for one single outcome…


PROFIT is not a single concept but comes with many important implications:

  • P - Process excellence
  • R - Resources Management
  • O - Oriented to a Goal
  • F - Financially Strong
  • I - Innovative - to stay ahead of competition
  • T - Timely deployment of strategies

Most companies are realizing that traditional management, manufacturing processes, and other historic approaches, are not enough.

More effective methods are needed:

  • Six Sigma
  • Lean Manufacturing

Wherein, Six Sigma focusses more on Quality.

Six Sigma manufacturing philosophy came by American engineer Bill Smith while working at Motorola in 1986 :

"They recognised that sufficient process improvement would not occur using a conventional approach to quality. It was developed to help them reduce variation within a process by focusing effort on improving inputs to a process rather than reacting to outputs".

Six Sigma is a statistical concept which represents the variation that exists in a process relative to the customer requirements. So little variation, that the process outcomes are 99.9997% defect free

Solutions uses Six Sigma Methodology for redcution of rework and rejection to have

Benefits of Reduced Rework and Rejection

  • Reduced Rework Cost
  • Reduced Cost of Poor Quality
  • No Opportunity losses
  • Increased Production
  • Reduced Overtimes


Deployment Procedure

Management team and Quality Team

"Solutions" team actas as Trainer and Facilatator during Writing During Deployment, the team guides, audits, corrects wherever required Full time assistance of the team is available through deployment Guidance is given for Visualizing & auditing