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Lead Time Reduction Through Improved Planning Systems

Planning is an integral part of any process, task or activity. In the same manner it is an important part in manufacturing industry. Planning is involved at every stage from Raw material to Finished Goods and process for conversion in between.Incorrect planning results in delivery delays, stressful working conditions, daily fire fighting etc.

Usually Production Planning and Control takes care of any planning in an Organisation. This is the central part from where all departments are connected for day to day activities. It is expected to be single point of communication for all departments; unfortunately this is not seen.

Solutions Lead Time Reduction & Delivery Improvement Services takes care of Planning at each stage from RM to FG with all in between steps. This systems differ from company to company, process to process and product to product. There cannot be direct replica to this Systems. These are custom designed based upon the product, processes and people.

Symptoms of Improper Planning
Issues faced by Planning department
  • Deliveries are not on time
  • Manufacturing Lead Times are High
  • Late Night Dispatches
  • Daily Fire Fighting
  • Stressed working conditions for all
  • Communication gaps
  • No fixed working timings
  • Owner, HODs continuously busy on Phone calls
  • Blame Games
  • Frequent Changes in plan
  • Production time lost due to late or no plan
  • and would be many more…
  • Urgent requirements from marketing department
  • Given plan not followed
  • Material shortages
  • No fixed lead times
  • Constant chasing from customer
  • Delayed deliveries result in delayed payments
  • and would be many more…

This problem can be fixed, of course. Actually, its not a problem as such. It’s a symptom, that our Departments are not synchronized. And hence not flying in the same direction- the Customer.

Solutions Lead Time Reduction & Delivery Improvement Servicess helps to improve upon above issues and help to work in Uni direction fulfilling the customer demand in optimized time.

How Solutions Lead Time Reduction & Delivery Improvement Services Works ?

Firstly, Planning has to take responsibility that they are responsible for in time delivery and correct material in full. Solutions Lead Time Reduction & Delivery Improvement Services gives a complete one shot picture of the each order in hand and its status. It is assigned with responsible persons and lead time, cycle times for each processes are standardised. The planning is divided into levels - H1, H2, H3 etc..There is no need of questioning to anyone in any regards, Planning becomes a mechanical process.

Solutions Lead Time Reduction & Delivery Improvement Services has 3 main parts :

  • Planning
  • Visual Systems
  • Line Balancing

Solutions Lead Time Reduction & Delivery Improvement Services helps in planning a full week and making it visual. Planning should not be person dependant but a mechanical process.The outcome of the planning should clearly state:

  • What to produce?
  • When to produce?
  • In what quantity?
  • how many operators?

This clear information is obtained in a single view and is visible to all. The levels of planning are clearly defined - Customer, Production, Raw Material etc. and accordingly it is worked out.

Use of Visual Systems

Visual Systems play an important part in planning. Excel sheets, ERPs, software's tell you the information after you log in to computer. Our visual systems are paper and pencil tools & do not require any computer; but Brain Every order is individually mapped with its own Visual card. The card design varies from product to product & process to process.These cards go on visual board, which are defined as per processes and levels.

Line Balancing

Line-balancing strategy is to make production lines flexible enough to absorb external and internal irregularities and manufacture goods in a manner to have optimised output. There are two types of line balancing, which we have explained as –

  • Static Balance – This refers to standard products, processes and standard demand. The balanced line works in same manner throughout.
  • Dynamic Balance – This refers to usually batch production, wherein there is product mix and customer demand varies. Here the balancing is flexible based upon the work content.
  • Based upon your product, process Line Balancing is done and taught to your team.
Benefits :

This project followed religiously, results in solving all above mentioned issues. Direct Monetary benefits are gained with below quantified improvement

  • Reduced Lead Times
  • Enhanced Capacities
  • Improved Delivery on time
  • Optimised use of plant, machinery & manpower
  • A Happy Workplace