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Method of Work
This is our first visit to your facility; just like in Ayurveda we check your pulse i.e. data sheets to understand health of your Organisation. Also, we note down our Observations and improvement opportunities are mapped. Discussions with team are done to understand the overall process. This visit is usually of 1-3 days based upon the size and volume of company.
Based upon our observations and discussions in pulse check visit, a technical proposal stating Direct Deliverables, Improvement scope and foggy pathway towards same is submitted. It also includes, current state observations, Project Performance Parameters and Timeline of project. A commercial proposal justifying the deliverables is also attached along with.
The date of PO is Kick off date for Project. All formalities are completed during this period and the roller coaster journey begins.
For every project, this is the first month planned. Understanding your products, processes and people is main task in this month. Also understanding current data practices, designing or updating same is done in this month. Current state Layouts, Cycle Time studies are also done in this month itself. In all this is our study month, and outcome is a detail roadmap towards our project goals, and it is signed in agreement with Client team.
In accordance with the roadmap signed in Diagnostic Study Phase, the deployment starts. Gemba Trainings, workshops allied with the roadmap are conducted for successful deployment of project. We act as a Coach, with hand holding methodology to achieve Desired results. Top Management Involvement and Commitment is always a key factor for project success.