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Lean Green Field and Brown Field Projects

Lean Layouting is a very important in any manufacturing setup.Well designed Factory layout is the backbone of the Business.
It acts as nervous system in body maintaining, healthy and profitable business. Gemba/ Manufacturing space is a place to create Value and not Waste.

Value is anything for which customer is ready to pay and all that which not Value is Waste.

In lean manufacturing, 7 types of waste / Mudas are mentioned as below :


Any movement of materials, tools, equipment, products from one process to another.


Any materials, tools, equipment, products that are stored within the process and not being worked on.


Any movement by operators during the process cycle.


Any delay from the lack of availability of men, machines, materials.

Over Production

Producing more than is required, or before it is required

Over Processing

Adding cost and time without providing customer value


Any items that are not produced right first time

While Designing any Lean layout, the main focus is always that all the 7 wastes must be avoided or minimal.
We follows this principle while designing the Green Field and Brown field layouts.

Key Highlights
General Steps

Solutions has designed and deployed over 100 Industrial Lean Layouts, on PAN India level, including Green and Brown field projects both. Solutions strictly believes that, Factories are build to create Value; and 'Value' means what customer is willing to pay. i.e. your product. Unfortunately, mudas (wastes) are like peel of the Value. To have the real 'Value' peeling of mudas is necessary.

In any running manufacturing process, mainly 7 mudas are observed. Mudas, basically consume your value adding time and in turn reduce value. If the peel is thick, we get less of the real fruit. Mudas like, Internal transportation, motion, waiting consum maximum of the value adding time. Solutions facory layout is high value creating, i.e. with lowest mudas.

Solutions designed Factory Layouts are flexible enough to balance them to constant changing "asking rate". (asking rate means demand in numbers per hour). Instead increasing Capacity through investments, Solutions believes in increasing Capagility of the facility. i.e. optimized flexible production per demand variation. As Roads and Bridges are designed to sustain over 50/100 years, Solutions Layouts are designed to sustain on volume growth and accommodating expansions of at least upcoming 5 years without investments.

Process Mapping and correct Time study are very important to design the Factory Layout. Optimized Manpower, De-skilling in the processes to reduce dependency of particular skilled manpower, get taken care in Solutions Factory Layouts. Various Visual tools and Poka-Yokes are injected in the Layout itself.

Solutions Layout insist on Muda free Space creation. Reduced or near Zero Movements, Motions and Waiting mudas create High Productive and Effective Layouts. We insist on near Zero WIP to make Factory Profitable via reduction on these three most important Mudas. Solutions always takes care to reduce use of Transportation Equipments like Cranes, Lifts, Forklifts, etc. That also effects to reduce un-necessary investments on them. This not only effects reduction in investments but also reduction in continual maintainance expenditure.

Solutions layout always focuses on Continuous flow operation. Continuous Production Flow in balance Lines, Cellular Layout effect into to Zero WIP. End of the shift should have inventory only in Raw Materials or Finished Goods. This is always taken care into Solutions Factory Layouts

What does it mean by "Continuous flow" ? Continuous flow means, No or lesser transportaion, No or lesser WIP between two consecutive process steps. No or very less waiting of 'value adding' machine. This type of production style, hikes output, about 2 times the current one. Its increased capability of your same resources.

Solutions Factory Layouts also insists on reduction on Motion Muda, reducing fatigue for Operators. Simple ergonomics, small cost effective utilities and systems are basic features of Solutions layout. The sketches of workstations with this perspective are designed and delivered by Solutions.

Solutions Factory Layouts also insists on reduction on Motion Muda, reducing fatigue for Operators. Simple ergonomics, small cost effective utilities and systems are basic features of Solutions layout. The sketches of workstations with this perspective are designed and delivered by Solutions.

Solutions believes in natural light and ventilation on Gemba and thus we always see that these are not compromised in our layout. Easy entries and exits of people, materials and products are taken care in the design.

Deployment of Visual Factory is one more basic feature of Solutions Factory Layouts. Various boards, Control Charts, Data Collection Locations, Andon systems are defined during the Layout Paper documentation itself. Highly effective Workplace are highly Visual ( like Airports ).

Scrap disposal in accountable manner is must while designing any layout. Scrap collection and disposal system is designed in the layout.

Operator's safety and ease at workplace is valued through considering their basic needs,

  • Wash Places
  • Drinking Water locations
  • Tea area
  • Canteen facility with Food Waste disposal facility
  • First aid locations
  • Fire extinguisher locations
  • Safe Assembly points
  • Emergency Exit plans
  • Worker Locker room

The Solutions Layout always thrusts on complete visibility to shop floor and no hidden places are created in layout. More the hidden places, more is the accumulation of non moving items, rework, rejections and other tools and utilities. Also become hiding place for operator.Solutions believes in 100% clean, neat and visible Gemba effects into Pride of Workers, Management, Suppliers and give a great comfort to Customers. Seeds for the same are to be sown during Layout design.

The locations of tools, dies and utilities for machines and workstations is well thought in ahead during layout design and space is allocated at Point of Use with respect to its use.

RM, finished goods, Component stores, are planned scintificaly. Required Racks, bins, pallets are calculated and Optimized Racking layouts are defined and designed. Scope for point of use stores is identified and designed accordingly. We state these as the Zone Property or Estate, to be taken care by the Area people.

The take care points in Factory Act, OHSAS, Basics of Vastushastra and Green building are taken care of while designing.

We not only design your Production Workplaces but also assist to design your Communication and Decision Places. Visible Office Places effect into Transparent Communication and building employee faith.

  • Study of Products, processes to be established in new factory
  • Study of Plot and its structure
  • Machinery, product drawings to scale in cad
  • Understanding thought processes and considerations
  • Study of processes and cycle times
  • Process Flow mapping
  • Conceptual layout option to client
  • Finalisation of conceptual layout
  • Detailing of layout and creation of complete detailed layout
  • Finalisation of drawing
  • Warehouse, planning process writing
  • Final Documentation and Submission
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