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Measure that you want to improve...!!!

Data plays an extremely important role in decision making.
Data helps you take correct and proactive decisions faster.
Dr. Edward Deming, an American engineer and Statistician throws light on importance of data through above quote.

We can only trust God blindly and any other person should bring data to discuss or convince.
In many industries we often hear words like 'bahut kaam kiya', 'aj ka production kafi hai', 'jyada time leta hai', 'bahut material hai'....and so on..
If we want to make any decision based on these statements, it is very difficult and at times they may go wrong.

If we have data in analytical form, we get a strong base for decision making.
Simply, if we want to reduce weight we have to know it first, then we can work on reducing it.
In any industry mapping the data in analytical form and having regular analysis system for same, makes decision making process simpler and easier.

Common Data points to be measured:
These vary as per product and processes

  • Daily Production and Dispatch values
  • Lead Times
  • On Time Delivery Performance
  • Daily Stock
  • Inventory Turn Ratio
  • OEE
  • Productivity
  • Overtime

Following or copying is always easy than learning and any person tends to choose following in first place.
For eg. If you feel that your employees should come office in time, it is must that you come to office in time. Thus, rather than complaining about employee late coming, you start coming in time to office...!!

Always remember:
Entrepreneurs Attitude is Enterprise Attitude..!!

Do you pay salaries to your employees on time?

If not, you are damaging your company's brand image. And of course, there is a chance that you also may not be paying your vendors on time.
We are sure, this is not your habit, but the circumstances force such situations, isn't it?
But this is a symptom of imbalanced financial health of your company.
This is causing various dangerous issue in your company, like, unhappy employees, suppliers and vendors, inefficient working, Delivery failures, productivity losses, quality issues and what not.

Break this vicious cycle! Believe, it’s possible to come out of this phase and build a happy organization.

Entrepreneurship is an attitude..!!

In this pandemic situation, it is important to seek how you can sustain and what new opportunities you can grab to increase your business. This lock down gave us a new approach towards our businesses and a taught many new things.

Do not sit back in worry, but go out in market and grab new opportunities. There are lot many waiting for you.

We consult you in strategic planning, business growth and making current balance sheet healthier...!!

On Time Delivery

Delivery Failure is a very common issue faced by any manufacturing industry.
To overcome this, team strives in every possible manner - create planning excel sheets, implement ERP systems and so on. Still the problem persists....
When we deliver a single order, it passes through many steps and operations right from Receipt of PO to Final dispatch. Each step in this whole process is interlinked and failure at any stage causes failure to whole order delivery.

It is very important that we understand the Bottleneck in the process accurately to improve deliveries. The whole planning system has to be driven by Bottleneck process to deliver 100% on time.

Solutions precisely does this and thus is able to improve delivery performance from 0% to over 95% at sustained level.

WIP Inventories

In any factory, WIP inventory is the most dangerous and is overlooked considering it is must to progress the work. Factually, it is blocking your working capital, space, time and engage supervisors in counting the same for production planning. It is not Work in Progress but Waiting in Progress.
It has already consumed your Raw Material, half processing cost is incurred and is not the Value.

Inventory is money stuck up and must be optimized. During inventory reduction, WIP should be attacked first. It can be attacked on the source of generation only.

We implement layout and production systems in such a way that WIP is near zero...!!! This helps to improve your cash flow with immediate impact and make realize space available in factory.

Stock Variance Optimization..!!

In any organization, March ends with a big activity of Physical stock taking and then matching the variance of system and physical stock.
This is one of the biggest waste of Over Processing.

Solutions manages your store in a way of enabling daily physical stock taking and taking system variances to near zero..!!