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Our Achievements

Increased Productivity
Reduction in Lead Time
On time Deliveries
Reduction in Inventories
Reduction in Rework and Rejections
Reduced Breakdowns
Space Optimized
Manpower Optimization
Why Choose Us?
Hand Holding methodology…

We believe in Gemba (Shop Floor) implementation rather than in PowerPoint presentations and documents.
For this the involvement and engagement of Management team and the downline team is required throughout.
To achieve this, we adopt hand holding methodology. This helps us to deliver sustainable results.

Quantified Results

It is very important that we give our clients very crisp and quantified benefits specified during Technical proposal itself.
Without apt measurables project never succeeds. Thus we fix up goals, project objectives and its measurables during proposal stage itself.
These are carried forward throughout project and reviews also take place on same measurables.

Trainings in Local and National Language

During the whole project deployment, number of soft skills and hard skills training take place. The trainings are for Management team, Mid Management, Managers and Operators.
It is required that team gets connected to trainings and understands. We believe local language is an excellent medium for same and thus we thrust upon local and national language trainings.

Each Project is Customised

Every company has its own products, processes, people and thus issues. It is important that we understand them and create an unique implementation strategy for the company. This is taken care of in every project we do.
No two same roadmaps for company are same. Though projects, tools to be used might be same, the deployment methodology is always distinctive and that’s why we stand out from others.

Regular Review Mechanism

This is most important part in any project deployment. We conduct monthly reviews with Management team. During these reviews, team exhibits the work done by them, benefits gained and support required by Management team is discussed.
During these reviews; teams, individuals who have out performed are awarded. The projects that are completed are also celebrated during these reviews.

Annual Audit Commitment System

After the project deployment is completed, we have monthly audits to ensure that the systems given are followed.
If any non-compliances found during audit, those are corrected on same day in our presence.
The final report is submitted to Management. This helps in sustenance of systems.

Our Dedicated Team

Mr.Minish Manohar Umrani
Managing Director

Mrs. Maitreyee Umrani-Belsare
Director, Business Development

Mr.Rajendra Pore
Head - Opportunity Search

Mr.Rajesh Gurav
Head – Opportunity Search

Mr. Dipak Kulkarni