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Design of Enterprises ( DOE ) :
Improved HR working systems


We know that the "Lean" concepts came from "Toyota Production System (TPS)" .Hence believe that they are meant for Manufacturing business only. In earlier days, people believed that its only for Automobile business. Since last few years, "Lean" has shown great effect not only in other manufacturing areas but also in service industry. The concept do not have any specific technological base but its mainly Logical thinking and Common Since.

"Lean" talks only about 3M - Muda | Mura |Muri and offer conceptual ideas (known as Lean Tool set) to reduce or remove them. Muda- Operational Non Value Adding steps, Mura - is Unevenness in any Process and Muri- is Overburden on any Resource. Nothing else. If we start observing any function in Business, we may observe these 3Ms in any Process. The Thought Process gave birth to concepts like Lean Marketing, Lean Finance, Lean HR, etc.

If Enterprise has not designed its specific Culture, the Employees behave as per own culture developed through their Social, Economical status, their earlier Job, their Attitude, etc. Then the Enterprise becomes a collage of various Cultures. This collage is build by the Employees therein. Entrepreneur dissatisfaction about his Enterprise Working is obvious.

Entrepreneur, Management need to take efforts on designing and documenting their Entrepreneurial Culture. While delivering "Lean HR" , We, "Solutions" have developed a typical tool, "DoE".

Solutions DoE will deliver you your Enterprise Manual helping developing Your Own Enterprise Culture and groom the same.

Lean HR is an integral part of any lean deployment Journey. In the HR function starting from Interview process and ending in Salary we can observe various Non value adding activities. e.g. If observed the "Right Candidate Selection" from interview, we observe Mudas like Transportation, Waiting, Over processing and of course Defect. Such Mudas give birth to Unevenness in day today working and create Overburden; in turn they affect Effectiveness of the Organization.

DoE, Design of Enterprise, is a specialized tool designed by "Solutions" to help designing an Effective and Efficient Organization. Its not only a Theoretical Methodology but a Culture Deployment Strategy. The Solutions' DoE is the basic tool of designing and building a Structured Enterprise. It is delivered in three parts,

Generally a running organization design their OrgChart considering departmental structure and employees they have or want. Many a times we say mixing of functions with single employee or department. It creates working Unevenness and of course Overburden (stress) over the individual and in turn the Entrepreneur. This effects Decision Making process of the Entrepreneur itself, creating Waiting Muda.

DoE Parts & Steps Time Frame Mandays
Part I A Design relevant Function based Organization Chart Apr-20 12
B Define Scope of Each Function and Skill set to operate the Function Apr-20
C Design Candidate Selection Procedure, Interview Questionnaire and Answer sheet, Marks of each answer and passing Stage Apr-20
Part II D Design Skillset wise Man power requirement, Designations, Hierarchy May-20 12
E Create Function wide Value Cells, Designation wise Role and Responsibilities and Decision Power range May-20
F Define Designation wise DWM- Daily Work Management, Standard Reporting System, Standard Record keeping formats, KRA and Output expected May-20
G Define Work safety, Working timings/shifts, Uniforms, Badges/ I cards, Visiting Card matter, Hospitality, etc. Jun-20 12
Part III H Brainstorm and define Enterprise Vision, Values and Policies Jun-20
I Design Value based Behavioural and Communication Policy Jul-20 12
J Design Timeline for Strategic Deployment of DoE Manual Jul-20
Parrt IV K Control, Auditing and Review Mechanisam Aug-20 & Sep-20 20

At the end the printed document of Enterprise Manual is signed off and Published for Enterprise use. Specific parts may be exhibited in the Enterprise.

"Design" Procedure
Deployment Procedure
Project Deliverables

Design of Enterprise delivers the documented Enterprise Manual, hence designing is to be done by Management (Top and Middle).

It starts with Training of the Top and Middle Management; Dreaming Enterprise, Brainstorming about writing the 3 parts; Top Management gives guidelines to Middle Management; Middle Management Team and assistance team is defined to write the document; Timeline of Writing Workshop is finalized.

The Designer Team unites for writing; Once again the DoE and its purpose is discussed and Part wise writing starts. After every Writing session, the document hard copy is delivered to Top Management for reading and corrections.

During Part III writing session Top Management involvement is important; EMD- Enterprise Manual Document is printed and circulated copy to individual team member for reading and correction; Corrections are discussed, finalized and Proforma Document is signed for final Printing.

The final document may get well designed by a Commercial designed, if needed. The Print copy is published to the whole enterprise in a ceremony. It is made available to read for all.

Pages from the EM to be exhibited may be commercially designed, printed in form of Posters and exhibited in offices and workplaces.

  • Solutions team act as as Trainer and Facilitator during Writing
  • During Deployment, the team guides, audits, corrects wherever required
  • Full time assistance of the team is available through deployment
  • Guidance is given for Printing and Publication
  • Functional Organization Structure
  • Enterprise Manual
  • KPI and DWM designed and deployed for all Staff
  • Design of Appraisal system
  • Have a productive working environment