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"Solutions" is a group of Consultants, engaged in consulting and deployment of Operational Excellence in Manufacturing as well as Service Processes. Since last 13 years "Solutions" has served over 100 clients, pan India, in over 50 defferent manufacturing and service industry segments. Expert team of "Solutions" has assisted various Industries in Productivity, Quality improvements, Inventory management, Space optimization, Process balancing, Production Planning, Standardization and simplification of Marketing, Finance and Human Resource practices.

Expert team of "Solutions" use all Operational Excellence tools like, Theory of Constraints (ToC), Lean, Six Sigma, Worldclass Manufacturing, QMS, TPM. CAD 2D, 3D layout, Process flow animation, etc. "Solutions" uses self developed tools like, DoE, EESS (Effective Equipment Servicing Solution), SMS (Simplified Marketing Solution), etc.

OEMs are dependant on Design Department. In fact, any new project, product starts from the Design Department. Manufacturing complains that maximum lead time is consumed by Design Department. And that, the Design Department argues themselves as Creative part of the system; they must get time to work. As they are hurried, mistakes occure.

Of course "Designing" is a creative part and it needs time. But, the whole "Department of Design" is not regularly functioning as Creative. Various activities of the Deparatment as such are of administrative function. All activities may not need time. Lead time consisits of both value adding and non-value adding time.

Further, the function "Designing" consists of various mudas, viz. OverProcessing, Waiting, Defects. Especially when the design is starting phase of manufacturing, after creative part, checking, re-checking, correcting, modelling, etc. are considered to be important. Ofcourse they are, but need not require creative manpower always.

Manufacturing concerns about the Department are like
Design Department concerns are like
  • Designs are not complete
  • Controlled copies are not available on time
  • Retrieval of required designs is not easy so may require to redesign
  • Designs issued to manufacturing are incomplete or in uncontrolled manner, (many time sketches)
  • Corrections done during manufacturing are not absorbed timely in design document
  • Receipt of incomplete BoM creates pressure on supply Chain
  • New design for development takes more time
  • Customization of product design takes more time
  • Lesser communication between designer and manufacturing
  • No SOP for Designing and its documentation
  • Mfg. Drawing and BoM are not given at a time
  • and would be many more…

  • Incomplete information from Marketing for Design
  • Need big followup for complete information
  • Big waiting and followup for Customer approval process
  • Manufacturing do not update changes completely and on time
  • Manufacturing always hurry for Mfg.Drawing, they don’t understand its creative part
  • Why they need all Mfg. drawings and BoM at a time, when they do not everything parallely
  • and would be many more…

It's like a Cold war between departments. And the Entrepreneur, Customer face the trouble.

This problem can be fixed, ofcourse. Actually, its not a problem as such. It’s a symptum, that our Departments are not synchronized. And hence not flying in the same direction- the Customer.

"Standardization" of the Design Departmental Work and aligning departments to fly towards the Customer, is the Solution !

How Solutions Lead What is Standardization of Departmental Work ?

The Team has to understand purpose of their Work. "Marketing/Sales is not their supplier, but Customer. Further they need to sort VA and NVA out of their regular tasks. Organize their Team into small Teams towards specified tasks with target lines. These teams should be made interdependent and organize their work in Pull system. Documentation, Data formats should be designed and be made part of their daily work management. Performance Metrics of Small Teams should be made and aligned to the Design Team Metrics.

Use of Visual Systems

Visual Systems play a get role during standardization and alignment of Small Teams work. It also offers a great control on Tasks going on in the department.

Every Engineers has Task Cards alloted. The Timeline of Card movement is defined by the Team leader. This is to control the deadline of completion of the task. These Cards are to be exhibited on Board and should be seen by all. Planning of Design work is fully dependent on these cards and nothing else.

The Visual Card systems plays a fantastic job. It shows whether everybody has a real task to do. It also shows in what time and when the whole job has to complete. Who and what task is behind the target line. The Team leader can immediately offer assistance to the Small team or Engineer to pull forward. Allotment of job is easier for the Team leader. The Departmental work becomes transperant and nobody need to ask or argue. Its so Simple, isn't it ?

Design Documentation, Coading (DML)

Many time the department do not have a typical list of all drawings they have. Copying of same type of drawings or referring become easy due to Design Master List (DML). Creation of DML helps in searching old drawings and need not depend for that on particular one.

Unique Identification Code plays important role in identifying required old drawings and searching them in soft as well as in hard. UI code is also issued to every new drawing. UI code denotes every information about the drawing in coded fashion.

MBoM - Master Bill of Material

MBoM - Master Bill of Material, is a document that combines all information of components, sub assemblies, their materials, rates, vendors, manufacturing processes, suppliers, buying lead times, etc.

Such type of compiled, documented information helps Engineer to search similar type of BoMs, their suppliers, etc. Most important is Deskilling and end of dependancy for the job. Correctness is assured.

Standard Operating Procedure (SoP)

To ensure every drawing is created in the same style, Standard Operating Procedure helps. Start of any new drawing, Visual cards, UI codes, DML, MBoM is made starndardized.

"Standardized Designing Solution" is a typical tool designed by "Solutions" to to fix issues like excessive Designing Lead time, reducing reworks, dependancy, balancing of work, etc.

The overall activity of SDS deployment is done in a controlled fashion by TeamSolutions. It’s a typically designed program that involves training to the related team and deployment in defined timeline.