Facilitate Manufacturing & Service Industries to groom Kaizen Culture within and assist them to become a World Class Lean Organization building Six Sigma Quality.

About Us

Solutions Kaizen Management Systems established in 2006 is a group of consultants engaged in facilitation & Training of Lean, Six Sigma in Fields of Manufacturing & Service Sectors Like Logistics, Hotels, Education, IT, healthcare, Trading, banks etc...
Mr. Minish Umrani, CEO, Lean Six Sigma Black Belt from US owns this Firm. After working for more than 20 years in Industry he started this Firm. His Experience in Industry & Passion for this field helped the firm to grow to a position where it is today.
The journey started with a Growth Project for a Transport Company. The project continued for 5 years. After that many projects and Trainings were taken up in small &medium sector industries. We have successfully completed over 50 projects for Productivity and Quality Improvement.
Solutions KMS is a Facilitator for Private and Government Clusters.
One Cluster under UNIDO for 10 Machine Tools Manufacturers in Pune is successfully completed.
Government Cluster under NPC (National Productivity Council) is On-going at Satara comprising of 10 Small Scale Industries.
Training Cluster for Lean & Six Sigma Tools including 12 Entrepreneurs & over 40 Employees at Manufacturers Association at Satara is completed.

Our Team

A few of benefits achieved are as below

  • Productivity:
  • Productivity increase 20-50%,
    Calculated to reach 100% in some cases in the same workforce
  • Material Transportation:
  • Material Movement reduction over 50%
    In between processes movement reduced to zero in Cellular Design
    Reduced Material movement from Stores
  • Quality improvement:
  • Customer complaints reduction
    Reduction in rejects & rework
    Customer satisfaction increased
  • WIP reduction to zero:
  • No materials in between process steps
    Raw materials / Components or Finished Goods on workplace
  • Intangible Effects:
  • Increased Client’s customer confidence
    Clients grabbed orders from their prestigious Customers
    Management faith in team increased
    Team confidence and faith in Management increased
  • Space Utilization:
  • Gemba space optimization above 30-40%
    Saved space being utilized to add Cell for new product
  • Inventory reduction over 50%:
  • In some cases inventory reduced from 120 Tons to 25 Tons
    Financial Burden released

Segment Variation

  • Transformers, PMS, Ballast
  • Electronic
  • Heavy Duty valves
  • Bakery Manufacturing
  • Construction m/c manufacturing
  • Corrugated Boxes
  • Gas Spring manufacturing
  • Auto Ancillary
  • Solar Energy
  • Press Shop
  • Metal Tube manufacturing
  • CNC m/c Manufacturing
  • Spices Manufacturing
  • Auto Body Shop
  • Foundry
  • Machine Shop
  • Hotels
  • Banks
  • Textile
  • And Many More….

Lean activities undertaken

  • Value Stream Mapping
  • 5S Systems
  • Heijunks
  • Lean Replenishment
  • Visual factory
  • TPM
  • SMED
  • Single Piece Flow
  • Jidoka
  • Poka Yoke
  • Kaizen Culture
  • Process Capability & Process Improvement
Contact : +91-8975755282